VPN Access

Safe, anonymous web site browsing

In case you’d like to stay absolutely anonymous while exploring the web, our company offers you a simple and effective solution. With all our cloud hosting packs, you’ll be able to get Virtual Private Network access. We will redirect your entire incoming and outgoing web traffic through one of our VPN data centers, making your cyber footmark untrackable. And you’ll gain VPN access regardless of what web–connected device you are using.

Data Backups

Have you ever lost your web site content? Make use of our backup service

Once put on the World Wide Web, your web site content will be a potential subject to cyber–thieves attacks. It may be affected even by your very own personal accidental actions. Select us and, there’s nothing to worry about, because we maintain a backup of your web site content, which will be recovered at any time. Plus, you can create manual back–up copies of your entire site with one click of the mouse through your File Manager, which is located in the Site Control Panel. Our system will save all of your website files and will store them in an archive, which will be saved in your account.

Solid–State Drives

Your site will be much faster with solid–state drives

All new desktop PCs and notebooks are fitted out with solid–state disks and this is so for a reason. Solid–state disks boast much faster read & write speeds, making everything much faster. Precisely the same will apply to your website in case you host it with C.A.A. Hosting – all the cloud hosting servers are provided with solid–state drives and the web sites hosted with us load faster than those hosted on regular hard drives.

And the best of all is that you don’t have to alter, tweak or modify anything at all so as to make it open faster.

Faster Performance

Our brand new cloud hosting system warrants a significantly faster overall performance for your web sites.

Bandwidth was increased to some 10 Gb/s for the sake of much better online connectivity and faster website loading speeds. Spare machines have been added, so as to streamline routine server maintenance tasks and to minimize service interruptions and downtimes. User accounts have been migrated to solid–state drives, which are considerably faster and much more durable than the standard hard drives.

Website Builder

Publish your business or personal websites with a single mouse click

Going online is now remarkably easy with the Cost Free Web Site Creating Instrument accessible from the your Site Control Panel. Simply pick out a theme from our collection of 100+ personal and business web page themes and then add your website content (pictures, textual content, etcetera) with one click of the mouse. To launch your site online, just click the Publish button. It is that easy. You can use the builder for all the domain names within your web hosting account.

A Database Manager

A simple way to manage databases

With many hosting vendors, database management is unjustifiably complicated. To create a functional database, you will need to go through 3 different steps. Whereas using our Databases Manager, you’ll need to proceed through only one single step – the name of the database and its corresponding password. And that’s all.

We have also included a one–click database backup tool. There’s no need to log into the phpMyAdmin tool to create a database backup.

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

A web hosting platform based on security–improved Linux hosting servers

Our hosting servers are running a security–upgraded Linux distribution, which makes them perfectly–protected and durable. We’ve put lots of time and study into creating a secure platform that is capable to cope with huge hack or DDoS attacks without causing interruptions to the hosting service and compromising your own site’s overall performance.

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