If you decide to use a PostgreSQL-driven script app on one of your sites, you will need a sufficient amount of database storage space for it, in order to make sure that even if your site evolves, it'll function properly and without any interruptions. Adding additional products to an e-store or additional comments to a discussion board are only two examples of what can increase the size of your databases. In the event you run out of storage space at some point, the performance may decrease or the website may not be available at all owing to the fact that once the storage space restriction is reached, the script won't be able to save new content inside the database - user-generated or system one. Considering that PostgreSQL is used for scalable web apps, it is more than likely that if you employ this kind of database for your website, you'll need additional space for it when your site expands.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Cloud Hosting

Several of the cloud plans that we supply are perfect for hosting sites which use a PostgreSQL database to operate since they are provided with unrestricted database storage space. With all of these plans, you will be able to set up and manage any sort of PostgreSQL-driven script application and take advantage of an efficient and dependable website hosting service. We are able to offer you unlimited database storage space as we don't manage everything on a single server. Instead, all the PostgreSQL databases are handled by a different cluster, which is part of our custom-made cloud web hosting platform, so we can always put more hard disk drives or whole servers to your cluster when needed. With our shared hosting services, you'll never have to worry that the expansion of your websites is limited due to the lack of space for your databases.